Our Purpose

AMAHORO is the Kirundi ( Burundian) expression for Peace that conveys blessings, well being and fullness of life. 

AMAHORO International is a platform where the oppressed and underprivileged may come and experience God's abundant life, peace, provision and fullness of joy.

We are agents of creativity and advocacy for sustainable development, empowering those we serve to discover and express their God given purposes.

Our mission is three-fold:

  • To be a global platform for durable and deep-reaching transformation in Africa through advocacy and sustainable development

  • To be agents of reconciliation and restoration—empowering Burundian and other African refugees to move into positions of influence and leadership

  • To be a bridge—connecting people, communities and nations

Our Philosophy

AMAHORO life is found through inward transformation: development of the heart, soul and mind.

To experience true peace, God must be at the center of life.

Jesus called us to care for all, especially “the least” in the sight of the world.

Physical and spiritual needs go hand-in-hand and must be addressed simultaneously, just as Jesus modeled during his ministry and instructed his followers to do likewise.

Long term strategy

AMI’s long-term strategy is to establish AMAHORO LIFE CENTERS—peaceful, sustainable and innovative communities all over Africa.


  • Spiritual nurture and leadership training

  • Education and vocational training

  • Agricultural production and small animal farming

  • Livelihood projects

  • Music and creative arts