Mahama Refugee Camp

Did compassion for refugees get her killed?


Was it Hafsa Mossi's compassion that got her killed? 

Ms. Mossi, a respected Burundian journalist, radio reporter, and a member of the East African Legislative Assembly was assassinated in Burundi days after visiting the Mahama Refugee Camp in Rwanda. Shocked by the misery she saw there, she broke down and wept. When Ms. Mossi returned to Burundi, she aired her experience and was accused of being a traitor because of her expressed love for those who had fled her country. She had reported her fears to other journalists in exile but was murdered before anyone could help. 

Hafsa Mossi's death has stunned many. The question remains, for this and other such violence that has driven 280,000 to flee Burundi since April 2015: Who will respond and when?