As Mukarabe, together with Cindy Akiyama (board member of AMAHORO INTERNATIONAL) and Naomi (our summer intern and media woman) are in the last days of a very successful mission visit at AMAHORO LIFE CENTER in Bombo, Uganda, we are excited about the progress of our project. We are humbled by the fact that we can transform donations and contributions to AMI directly into tangible results and change lives. 

Today we are highlighting structural changes and accomplishments: The "BLUE HOUSE" our second structure built on the premisses of ALC, is finished and is ready to house new refugees and visitors. As well, the premisses needed to be fenced in to protect the residents and the newly arrived chicken from theft and danger. A beautiful new gate is crowning the enclosure. The chicken coop is stacked with newly arrived chicken and will soon produce eggs and chicken for sale. Farming, according to season, is ongoing and residents are able to eat harvested sweet potatoes and corn. 

We thank all our donors for making this happen. Without you, there would be no lives changed through AMAHORO INTERNATIONAL, and we encourage you to continue to support our mission. THANK YOU!