Mukarabe Makinto visits Rwanda

By George Makinto

As Mukarabe Makinto, CEO and Co-founder of Amahoro International, is back in East Africa to continue her tireless efforts to assist Burundian refugees and create an environment of sustainable development, she is actively networking with many different entities and potential partners. We know that development work is a communal effort, where many players have partial answers to global questions, and so we acknowledge the need to work together with people and organizations on the ground to build sustainable projects and long term strategies to truly change lives in the long run.

Mukarabe is currently in Rwanda connecting with potential partners. She will be expanding our network of contacts and friends in Kigali, Rwanda, as well commemorating the 100 days after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis, July 4th being Liberation Day in Rwanda.

After suffering a horrendous genocide in 1994, Rwanda has been under a very creative and effective government led by President Paul Kagame, who has brought Rwanda out of poverty and into a stable, industry-driven economy with stunning societal and technological advances. Find more info about 12 stunning development here  .  It serves as an example how development in Africa is possible in a country that is land locked, has no significant mineral resources, but profits from sound and strong leadership of integrity and vision. 

We will be learning from Rwanda's example and are open to partnership with Rwandan groups who have a similar vision as AMI. That is one of the goals of Mukarabe's 5 day visit in Rwanda.